Tecnologie Costruttive S.r.l is a company based on technological vanguard allowing it to offer to its customers not only precision mechanical components manufacturing, but as a valuable business partner oriented to optimize the supply chain.
Component manufacturing, realized on automatic lathes and numerical control machines, is only a part of our service.
Tecnologie Costruttive’s value-added is includes several different aspects:

  • Ability to collaborate with our customers in the product’s engineering, bringing knowledge matured in numerous sectors from aeronautic to biomedical fields;
  • High flexibility demanded by different sectors and by the market volatility;
  • Short lead-time and flexibility to market, product and technology changes contribute to all us to meet and exceed our customers’ requirements;
  • Capacity to manage outsourcing networks and to perform final product assembly, coordinating suppliers of others components and required post-processing or special treatments;
  • Attention at the continuous improvement of the production process, of semi-finished product flow and cost analysis in order to reach a high level of efficiency that let our customers be competitive in the market;
  • Guarantee of the highest quality standards, as per the quality Certification:

  • UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 n. 50 100 4345 TUV

  • Guarantee of the production process environment impact control, in line with the environmental Certification:

    UNI EN ISO 14001:1996 n.50 100 4800 TUV

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